FAA5.E Cash Assistance Need and Net Income Test (AFNN) : 03 CA Need Standard Net Income Test - Overview
03 CA Need Standard Net Income Test - Overview
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
AZTECS completes the following to determine eligibility based on need:
Ensures a specified relative has been established for CA.
Totals all countable income minus countable income deductions.
Compares the resulting calculation, which is the net income) to applicable A1 or A2 CA Need Standard limits based on the CA budgetary unit size.
Displays a PASS - FAIL message based on the results of the need standard net income test.
When the unrounded net income is more than or equal to the need standard displayed on AFNN, the budgetary unit is not prospectively eligible for benefits.
Determine the CA net income using the CA/MA Income Maximum and Needs Test (FA‑200‑A) and CA/MA Budget Record (FA‑200‑B) when AZTECS is not available. The FA‑200‑A and FA‑200‑B, as well as instructions for their use, are available in the Digital Library.