B Assigning Nutrition Assistance Approval Periods
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
The Urgent Bulletin emailed 10/30/2020 informs staff that the NA/CA renewals due 12/2020 through 05/2021 are extended six months and the Mid Approval Contact (MAC) process due 12/2020 through 06/2021 are suspended.
Effective 09/04/2020, see Urgent Bulletin emailed 09/03/2020 regarding FSAD being modified to give a six-month certification period at renewal to all cases that received an extension of their original certification period.
FAA Offices must ensure approval periods are assigned based on the budgetary unit’s circumstances. (See Example When an Approval Period Needs to be Changed.)
AZTECS automatically assigns Nutrition Assistance (NA) approval periods based on the budgetary unit’s circumstances using the following criteria:
A 24-month approval period is assigned to budgetary units when all participants are elderly or have a disability with no source of earned or self-employment income.
NOTE Budgetary units assigned 24-month approval periods are subject to Standard Reporting requirements.
All other Simplified Reporting budgetary units are assigned a 12-month approval period.