FAA5.E Food Stamp Allotment Determination (FSAD) : 04 Nutrition Assistance Categorical Eligibility - Overview : E Nutrition Assistance Budgetary Units In Eligible No Pay Status
E Nutrition Assistance Budgetary Units In Eligible No Pay Status
(07/01/07 - 09/30/07)
Apply the following to NA categorically eligible budgetary units (Basic or Expanded) in NA eligible no pay status:
The budgetary unit remains in eligible no pay status until one of the following occurs:
The budgetary unit reports a change, and the change, when verified, results in an NA increase.
A change causes the budgetary unit to lose its categorical eligibility status. (See Changes in Categorical Eligibility)
The Basic categorically eligible budgetary unit becomes ineligible for a reason other than income or resources.
The NA approval period ends.
When a reported change makes the budgetary unit eligible for an NA allotment, and the case is currently in an NA eligible no pay status, the following apply:
An interview is not required.
The NA increase begins the month following the month the change is reported. (See Benefit Increases-Overview) and Effecting Benefit Increases)
The budgetary unit is subject to reporting requirements and must comply with all NA eligibility requirements.
Otherwise mandatory participants are subject to E&T Work Program requirements.
The budgetary unit submits an NA renewal application. Process the NA renewal application following normal NA renewal processing procedures.