B Expanded Categorical Eligibility
(01/01/17 – 12/31/17)
Expanded categorical eligibility exists when all of the following apply to the budgetary unit:
Gross income does not exceed 185% of the current federal poverty level (FPL)
The NA budgetary unit does not meet Basic categorical eligibility requirements
The budgetary unit does not have a participant coded DF on SEPA due to a disqualification. (See NA Participants Keyed as DF)
The resources of all participants coded DI on SEPA are not over the NA resource limit
A participant in the budgetary unit may meet the NA definition of elderly or disabled. In this situation both of the following apply:
The budgetary unit receives special considerations. (See Elderly or Disabled NA Requirements.)
Expanded categorical eligibility applies to the budgetary unit only when the budgetary unit's gross income does not exceed 185% of the current FPL and no participant is coded DF on SEPA.
Consider an NA Expanded categorically eligible budgetary unit to have met the following NA eligibility factors:
Gross and net income tests
Resources of participants disqualified from participation and coded DI on SEPA count in full.