FAA5.C Cash Assistance Need and Net Income Test (AFNN) : 03 CA Need Standard Net Income Test - Overview
03 CA Need Standard Net Income Test - Overview
(01/01/19 – 12/31/19)
The CA Needy Family Income test is the Need Standard for CA, as established by the legislature in 2010, and is a net countable income amount based on the current federal fiscal year FPL adjusted for the family size.
AZTECS completes the following to determine eligibility based on need:
Ensures a specified relative has been established for CA.
Totals all countable income minus countable income deductions.
Completes the following two CA Need Standards which are determined in the CA Needy Family Income test:
100 % of the current FPL
130% of the current FPL, when the head-of-household is a Non-parent Relative of each child for whom CA is requested (See Kinship Care).
Displays a PASS - FAIL message based on the results of the need standard net income test.
There is no CA Needy Family Income test for Foster Care DCS child only cases, which are when the child is in the custody of the State, a Tribal Court or a Tribal Child Welfare Agency located in Arizona or as defined in state law. These are the only cases in which CA may be provided on behalf of a dependent child who does not reside in a needy family.
When the unrounded net income is more than or equal to the need standard displayed on AFNN, the budgetary unit is not prospectively eligible for benefits.
Determine the CA net income using the CA/MA Income Maximum and Needs Test (FA‑200‑A) and CA/MA Budget Record (FA‑200‑B) when AZTECS is not available. The FA‑200‑A and FA‑200‑B, as well as instructions for their use, are available in the Digital Library.