02 CA Income Maximum Test
(12/01/18 - 01/31/18)
To be eligible for Tribal TANF, the Tribal TANF budgetary unit must be prospectively eligible.
The Tribal TANF budgetary unit is prospectively eligible for CA based on the CA income maximum limit when the total countable income is equal to or less than 185% of the CA income maximum.
Process the eligibility determination through AFIM and AFNN to calculate the Tribal TANF payment standard on AFPD.
The Tribal TANF budgetary unit is not eligible when the total countable income is more than the CA income maximum.
Complete the following when AFIM displays the edit message, FAILED - INELIGIBLE:
Key the Denial or Closure Reason code in the DENIAL/CLOSURE REASON field on AFPD. (See Denial or Closure References for Denial and Closure Reason Codes and links to the policy)
Key the CA ineligible date in the INELIG DATE field on AFPD.
NOTE The ineligible date is used to determine the eligibility begin date for Transitional Child Care (TCC). The date is also used to establish a CA overpayment.