K NA E&T Noncompliance
Prior to reporting participant noncompliance to FAA, SNA E&T staff provide a participant the opportunity to avoid disqualification. These processes are an E&T responsibility.
SNA E&T staff notify FAA of participant noncompliance on a daily basis via the DES Interface that causes an alert to display in ACTS.
Once FAA receives the notice of noncompliance, it is too late for the participant to establish good cause.
Encourage noncompliant participants to reestablish eligibility through the reinstatement process.
When FAA receives notice of E&T noncompliance, review the participant's NA E&T participation status. Complete the following:
When the participant is currently and appropriately coded as exempt, do not impose a disqualification.
When the participant was exempt in the month of noncompliance, or became exempt since the date of noncompliance, do not impose a disqualification. Key the correct Work Registration Code in the PAR/EXEM field on WORW.
When the participant is NA E&T mandatory, follow the E&T Disqualification Process.