M NA E&T Disqualification Period
When SNA E&T staff report that an NA participant has failed to comply with the SNA E&T program requirements, impose the NA E&T-related Disqualification. The length of the disqualification period depends on whether the participant has been disqualified for E&T noncompliance in the past. The disqualification periods are as follows:
First violation - One month
Second violation - Three months
Third and subsequent violations - Six months
Non-receipt of benefits for any reason, for a period equal to the disqualification period, satisfies the disqualification requirement.
The following periods of non-receipt of benefits can be applied toward the disqualification period:
During the Appeals process when a budgetary unit waived its right to continued benefits
A period during which NA benefits were stopped for reasons not related to E&T noncompliance
This provision can only be applied to participants who have been issued an E&T disqualification notice in which the stated disqualification period overlaps the non-E&T closure months.