L NA E&T Comparable UI Requirement
The Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits of an NA E&T participant can end for failing to follow the work requirements of the UI program. When this participant is exempt from NA E&T solely because of receipt of UI, consider the participant noncompliant with NA E&T requirements. Follow the NA E&T Disqualification policy for noncompliant participants.
When a participant's UI is denied or terminated, determine the reason for that decision. Use the participant's statement, call the UI office, or review information on HOSC.
When the code HOSC indicates that the participant may have violated a UI requirement, call the UI office before taking any action to disqualify the participant. Do not consider the UI requirement comparable when it places responsibilities on the budgetary unit that exceed those imposed by NA E&T.
To check for a UI disqualification, review the codes displayed in the DISQ CODE field under the UNEMPLOYMENT INFORMATION heading on HOSC. Any of the following codes may be an indicator of an NA comparable requirement violation:
01 - Ability to work - Able
02 - Available (The participant was found to be unavailable for work.)
08 - Refusal of work (This indicates a failure or refusal to accept work.)
09 - Refusal of Referral (This indicates a refusal to accept a referral for work.)
10 - Voluntary Quit
20 - Discharge (This indicates the participant was discharged for misconduct.)
80/81 - Administrative penalties due to overpayment
54/53 - Reporting Requirements (This indicates the participant did not report to UI or to Job Service, as required.)
70 - Vacation, sick, or holiday pay
NOTE When any other code appears AND the budgetary unit's statement is reasonable, do not disqualify the participant.
To end a UI comparable sanction, the participant must request to be added back to the budgetary unit. Disqualified budgetary units must reapply. The noncompliant participant must be exempt from, or in compliance with, the UI registration and participation requirements. The EI must verify NA E&T exemptions or UI compliance before reinstatement.