K NA E&T Noncompliance
Prior to reporting participant noncompliance to FAA, SNA E&T staff provide a participant the opportunity to avoid disqualification. These processes are an E&T responsibility.
SNA E&T staff notify FAA of participant noncompliance on a daily basis via the DES Interface that causes an alert to display in ACTS.
Once FAA receives the notice of SNA E&T noncompliance, it is too late for the participant to establish good cause.
Encourage noncompliant participants to reestablish eligibility through the reinstatement process.
When FAA receives notice of E&T noncompliance, review the participant's NA E&T participation status. Complete the following:
When the participant is currently and appropriately coded as exempt, do not impose a disqualification.
When the participant was exempt in the month of noncompliance, or became exempt since the date of noncompliance, do not impose a disqualification. Key the correct Work Registration Code in the PAR/EXEM field on WORW.
When the NA participant is E&T mandatory, follow the E&T Disqualification Process.