G NA E&T Mandatory Referrals
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
Key each NA E&T participant RR in the PAR/EXEM field. The names of the participants coded RR automatically transmit to the Jobs NA E&T referral file. This occurs when NA benefits are issued.
An automatic referral to the SNA E&T program is completed when one of the following occurs:
A participant is added to the budgetary unit and both of the following apply:
The participant is a mandatory NA E&T participant.
The participant's PAR/EXEM status is RR on WORW.
A change in circumstances requires that a previously exempt participant's work program status be changed to RR. This includes the following situations:
The youngest child in the budgetary unit turns six during the current approval period. (See Exemption-Care of Dependent)
A participant previously geographically exempt moves out of the geographically exempt area. (See E&T Geographical Location)
An employed participant has their work hours reduced to less than 30 hours. (See Exemption-Employed)
NA E&T offices can be located through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Career Advancement Network (SNAP CAN) Program. For more information on SNAP CAN, visit their website at https://des.az.gov/services/employment/job-seekers/snap-can/snap-recipients.