A NA E&T Informing Participants
(01/01/19 – 12/31/19)
At each NA interview, complete the following:
Explain SNA E&T program requirements and the consequences of a failure to comply.
Inform the PI that for mandatory participants, all of the following apply:
E&T participation begins after NA approval.
Participants who request employment assistance from SNA E&T are given priority job finding assistance.
SNA E&T staff contact those who are selected to participate in E&T regarding where and when to report.
Establish an NA E&T Lead Participant and ensure the PI is aware of the selection and its significance.
Inform the PI that for exempt participants, both of the following apply:
SNA E&T assistance is not currently available to them.
Employment assistance is available through the nearest Employment Service office. To locate an Employment Service office nearest to the participant, use the Office Locator.
Document the case file(g) with the name of the NA E&T Lead Participant.
NOTE A participant may meet the mandatory participation requirements for the CA and the NA work programs. When this occurs inform the PI that participation is limited to one program. Jobs staff determine the most suitable program.