FAA5.A Work Registration (WORW) : 08 NA Employment and Training (NA E&T) - Overview
08 NA Employment and Training (NA E&T) - Overview
(01/01/20 – 12/31/20)
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Employment and Training (SNA E&T) Program is a work program through DERS designed to assist NA participants with the following:
Promote employment through job search and job readiness.
Provide the training or education necessary to obtain employment and decrease NA dependency.
Effective for benefit month 04/2020 until further notice, see Urgent Bulletin emailed 03/27/2020 regarding work requirements.
The SNA E&T program provides job search and job placement assistance to mandatory and voluntary NA E&T participants.
All NA participants whose names appear on a signed FAA official application are auto registered for referral to the SNA E&T program.
Staff must screen each NA participant for E&T Registration Exemptions and E&T Participation Exemptions when any of the following occurs:
Initial interview
Renewal interview
Change report
An NA participant who meets one of the E&T registration exemptions is exempt from registration.
An NA participant who does not meet an E&T registration exemption must be screened for an E&T Participation Exemption. An NA E&T participant who meets one of the E&T participation exemptions is exempt from participating with SNA E&T.
All NA participants who do not meet a registration or participation exemption must participate in the SNA E&T program.
NA participants who are exempt from E&T registration or participation may choose to participate voluntarily.
Participants who meet either of the following cannot participate in the SNA E&T program:
There are penalties when a non-exempt participant fails to comply with the SNA E&T program requirements. The penalty varies depending on both of the following:
Whether the participant is the NA E&T Lead Participant
The nature of the SNA E&T Noncompliance
Provide SNA E&T program contact information to participants who may want to participate voluntarily.
Policy and procedures regarding NA E&T are outlined as follows: