FAA5.A Work Registration (WORW) : 04 Jobs Basic : E Informing Mandatory Referrals
E Informing Mandatory Referrals
When possible, include all mandatory Jobs participants in the discussion of Jobs at initial and renewal interviews.
When available, give the Family Assistance Programs - What You Need to Know (PAF-001-B) booklet to the PI at each interview and direct the PI to read it.
Ask the PI to read and sign the Jobs Statement of Understanding (FA-167) at the initial interview. Place the original in the case file(g) and give a copy to the PI. There is no penalty for refusal to sign.
When the participant refuses to sign the FA-167, indicate the refusal on the FA-167 and place it in the case file.
Ask the PI and all Jobs mandatory participants present at the interview to listen to the local office's presentation on the Jobs program, when available.