B NA Work Registration
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
To register NA participants for work, during the interview the worker must complete the following:
Explain the NA work requirements to the responsible budgetary unit (BU) member.
Document the case file(g) that BU members are registered for work, unless exempt.
The worker must explain that unless exempt NA work registrants must comply with the NA work requirements.
To explain the work requirements at the interview, the NA Work Registration FAA-1786A script must be read to the participant. The FAA-1786A script is located in the Document Center.
Case file(g) documentation is sufficient for work registration. Documentation by the worker must include: NA work requirements explained, and NA participants are registered for work, unless exempt.
Document the case file with the name of the NA Lead Participant.
Provide the participant with the SNA E&T program contact information. Inform the participant to contact SNA E&T for help finding employment.
When approving a new or renewal NA application, request and send the NA Work Requirements (040) notice on NORE for the following:
All NA budgetary units including at least one member who is nonexempt from the NA Work Requirements.
When adding a nonexempt participant to the budgetary unit.
When an exempt participant becomes nonexempt.
Participants are nonexempt from the NA Work Requirements when referred to the SNA E&T Voluntary Program. (See CA Jobs and SNA E&T referred Participants) Consider participants exempt when they meet one of the NA Work Requirement exemptions.
The F040 provides required information about the NA Work Requirements and the Supplement Nutrition Assistance Employment and Training (SNA E&T) opportunities.