.03 JPPO Jobs Orientation Procedures
When the Verification of Compliance With the Jobs Program Preliminary Orientation Turn Around Document (TAD) (FAA‑1308) form is faxed or hand carried from FAA, Jobs completes the following:
Registers the FAA‑1308 in the Jobs office tracking log.
Reviews the FAA‑1308 for the participant's due date in order to track timely contact from the participant.
Reviews the FAX or Hand Carry Cover Sheet (FAA‑1309) to see whether there is a need for an interpreter.
Completes the JPPO when the participant contacts Jobs either in person or by telephone. (See Hardship Orientation Procedures)
Completes the Jobs portion of the FAA‑1308 when the participant complies with the JPPO requirement.
Gives the participant a copy of the completed FAA‑1308 for their records.
Completes the Jobs portion of the FAA‑1309. FAXes or hand carries the FAA‑1308 and the FAA‑1309 to the FAA office no later than close of business following the date of compliance.
Retains a completed copy of the FAA‑1308 in the Jobs Program local office.