.02 JPPO FAA Orientation Procedures
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
When the participant refuses to comply with the JPPO at the interview, document, “JPPO Pre-Compliance not completed due to applicant refusal” in the case file(g) and deny the CA application. Key JP in the DENIAL CLOSURE REASON field on AFED. Send the A208 notice.
When the new CA participant agrees to comply, complete the following:
Applicants must review the JPPO compliance video with an FAA worker when the interview is conducted in-person. The video is accessed from the DES Document Center under the Documents and Resources heading. Once in the appropriate heading, select Videos and Audio.
Applicants must listen to the JPPO compliance audio with an FAA worker when the interview is conducted over the phone. The FAA worker will access and play the audio recording using the Cisco Finesse JPPO button or placing a conference call to the (602) 111‑0053 number.
The compliance requirement can still be met if the script is read to the participant in English or their spoken language. For participants requesting accommodations due to a visual impairment, large print version of the script is also available in the Document Center. For the hearing impaired, the script can be printed and provided to the participant.
When the participant completes the JPPO, document, “JPPO Pre-Compliance completed” in the case file. When the participant meets all other eligibility requirements, approve the CA application.
When the participant is unable to complete the JPPO Pre-Compliance during the interview, send the A011 Information Needed notice.
When the compliance is not completed by the due date indicated on the A011 notice, the CA application may be denied the following workday(g) by completing the following:
Document the case file that the CA participant did not comply with the JPPO requirement.
Send the A208 notice.