.02 JPPO FAA Orientation Procedures
When the participant refuses to comply with the JPPO AT THE INTERVIEW, deny the CA application. Key JP in the DENIAL CLOSURE REASON field on AFED. Send the A208 notice.
When the new CA participant agrees to comply, complete the following:
Complete the Information Request and Pending Information Agreement (FAA-0077A) form, informing the participant they must comply within ten calendar days of the interview.
Complete the FAX or Hand Carry Cover Sheet (FAA‑1309) form.
Complete the Verification of Compliance With the Jobs Program Preliminary Orientation Turn Around Document (TAD) (FAA‑1308) form
FAX or hand carry the FAA‑1308 and the FAA‑1309 to the Jobs Program office. Hand carry the two documents when in the same building with Jobs. (See Jobs Offices) Place a copy of these two documents in the case file(g).
When Jobs returns the FAA‑1308 and the FAA‑1309 indicating that the participant has complied, document the case file by close of business no later than the workday(g) following the date of compliance.
When the participant meets all other eligibility requirements, approve the CA application.
When FAA does not receive the FAA‑1308 and the FAA‑1309 by the due date, complete the following:
Deny the CA application by close of business the workday following the due date on the FAA-0077A.
Document the case file that the CA participant did not comply with the JPPO requirement.
Send the A208 notice.