.01 JPPO FAA Orientation Requirements
New CA participants must cooperate with the JPPO requirement before CA approval, unless exempt. (See Jobs Exempt)
At the interview, inform new CA Jobs mandatory referral participants of the following:
The purpose of the JPPO process. (See Jobs Orientation Overview)
CA Jobs mandatory referral participants are required to complete the JPPO within ten calendar days of the CA interview.
The participant's due date is indicated on the Information Request and Pending Information Agreement (FAA-0077A) form.
The participant must contact the nearest Jobs Program office to complete the JPPO requirement.
When the participant completes the JPPO, Jobs notifies FAA by returning the completed Verification of Compliance With the Jobs Program Preliminary Orientation Turn Around Document (TAD) (FAA‑1308) form.
When FAA does not receive the FAA‑1308 by the due date indicated on the FAA-0077A, the CA application is denied the following workday(g).