.01 JPPO FAA Orientation Requirements
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
New CA participants must cooperate with the JPPO requirement before CA approval, unless exempt. (See Jobs Exempt)
At the interview, inform new CA Jobs mandatory referral participants of the following:
The purpose of the JPPO process. (See Jobs Orientation Overview)
CA Jobs mandatory referral participants are required to complete the JPPO during the CA interview.
To complete the JPPO requirement, the participant must watch the JPPO Compliance Video during the face to face interview. The participant must listen to the JPPO Compliance Audio recording during the telephone interview.
At the interview, the FAA worker must also complete the following:
When the participant completes the JPPO, document, “JPPO Pre-Compliance completed” in the case file(g).
When the participant is unable to complete the JPPO Pre-Compliance during the interview, document, “JPPO Pre-Compliance not completed, A011 notice sent” in the case file and send the A011 Information Needed notice.
When the compliance is not completed by the due date indicated on the A011 notice, the CA application can be denied the following workday(g).