.09 NA E&T Registration Exemption-Student
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
A participant who meets both of the following criteria is exempt from NA E&T registration:
Is enrolled in any recognized school, including high school, training programs, or institutions of higher education
Attending at least half time, as defined by the institution.
Key ST in PAR/EXEM field.
The participant is not eligible for this exemption when the educational activities are the result of the SNA E&T program.
The following apply when determining eligibility for this exemption:
Participants who attend vocational training classes or General Educational Development (GED) classes preparatory to the GED examination are eligible for this exemption. This applies even when the classes meet for fewer hours per week than regular school classes.
Participants who attend a school that has an established program that allows attendance via the Internet are eligible for this exemption. The participant must be meeting the school's requirements.
NOTE Correspondence classes and self study do not qualify a participant for this exemption.
The schools definition of half time can be determined through direct contact with the school or from official school publications.
When there is no official definition of a half time student, use either of the following as the definition:
Divide the minimum number of hours required to be considered full time by the school by two.
Divide the average number of hours spent in class by a full time student in the same course by two.
Consider the participant exempt during normal periods of class attendance, vacation, and recess, until the participant meets one of the following:
Is suspended
Is expelled
Drops out
Expresses an intention not to register for the next normal school term (excluding summer sessions)