.05 NA E&T Registration Exemption-Employed
A participant who meets either of the following employment criteria is exempt from NA E&T registration:
Employed or self-employed for a minimum of 30 hours weekly
Employed with weekly earnings that equal or exceed an amount that is 30 hours multiplied by the federal minimum wage or the training wage.
Key EM in the PAR/EXEM field.
Use the following information, as necessary, to determine when the EM code is appropriate:
Consider a migrant or seasonal farm worker as employed when all of the following apply to the farm worker:
Is following the job stream
Is not living in the participant's home project area
Meets either of the following:
Is working a minimum of 30 hours weekly
Is under contract or agreement to begin employment within 30 days
Some self-employed participants work fewer than 30 hours weekly. To be considered employed, net self-employed income must equal the federal minimum wage multiplied by 30 hours. Self-employment net income must equal the gross income minus the allowable costs of producing the income.
Include the hours for which an employed participant receives in-kind income when determining the 30 hours of weekly work.
Do not include hours employed in voluntary work in which no wages or in-kind income are paid when determining the 30 hours per week.