.05 JPPO Hardship Orientation Procedures
A participant may contact Jobs to complete the Jobs Program Preliminary Orientation (JPPO) requirement. The reasons a participant can contact Jobs by telephone include, but are NOT limited to, the following:
The participant has no transportation and bus service is not available.
Jobs itinerant services are only available by telephone.
Jobs itinerant services are not available at the FAA local office until after the Information Request and Pending Information Agreement (FAA-0077A) form due date.
There is a sick child in the budgetary unit.
NOTE CA participants are allowed to take their child to the JPPO when child care is not available.
The participant must contact the Jobs office when a telephone contact is needed and the reason is not any of the reasons previously listed.
Language barriers must be considered when a telephone contact is requested. Indicate a language barrier on the Verification of Compliance With the Jobs Program Preliminary Orientation Turn Around Document (TAD) (FAA‑1308) form and the FAX or Hand Carry Cover Sheet (FAA‑1309) form.
NOTE When a participant is approved for CA, they are required to go to the Jobs office to complete the Jobs Program requirements. Jobs informs the participant of this requirement during the JPPO.