FAA5.A Work Registration (WORW) : 04 Jobs Basic : A CA Jobs Program Preliminary Orientation (JPPO)
A CA Jobs Program Preliminary Orientation (JPPO)
(08/01/15 – 09/30/15)
The Jobs Program Preliminary Orientation (JPPO) provides new CA participants information about the following:
The Jobs Program
Jobs participation requirements
Jobs work and training activities
Jobs supportive services
CA benefits are decreased when participants fail to cooperate with the Jobs Program requirements after CA approval
ALL new CA participants who are CA Jobs mandatory referrals are required to complete a JPPO before CA approval. (See CA Jobs mandatory referrals)
The JPPO requirement does not apply to the following:
Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP)
Hopi Family Assistance Program (HFAP)
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRP-MIC) Life Enhancement and Resource Network (LEARN)
Pascua Yaqui (PY) Yoemem Organization for Employment and Member Enhancement (YOEME) Services
NOTE The Tribal TANF Programs have their own preapproval compliance requirement.
Grant Diversion participants
Participants that meet a CA Jobs Exemption
Policy and procedures regarding the JPPO are outlined as follows:
The following JPPO form is available in the Document Center:
Verification of Compliance With the Jobs Program Preliminary Orientation Turn Around Document (TAD) (FAA‑1308)