FAA4.G Unearned Income Education (UNIE EDWO) : 06 Verification of Educational Income and Expenses : A Verification of Educational Income and Expenses - Overview
Verification of Educational Income and Expenses - Overview
The PI has the primary responsibility for providing educational income and expense verification. Accept any reasonable verification provided by the PI, school, program, or grantor of educational income or expenses.
Verify educational expenses claimed by the student when the student has countable educational income.
When requested, assist in obtaining the verification when the PI indicates an inability to provide the needed information.
When verifying educational income and expenses, use any of the following methods:
Request the PI provide the proof.
Call the school.
Send the Authority to Release Student Information (FAA‑0060A) form.
When neither the participant nor the local office has been able to obtain the verification by the time of processing, apply the following:
Use the best available information for educational income. (See Verification process)
Do not allow an expense deduction for the educational expense that has not been verified.
NOTE When the expense verification is provided, recalculate the prorated amount of income for future months. Do not restore benefits.
Participants are not required to verify that educational income is allocated for a specific expense.