Verification of A1 Payment Standard
(10/01/08 – 12/31/08)
The obligation to pay a shelter expense must be verified when ANY of the following occur:
New application.
Three years from the date the expenses were last verified when the case is ongoing. When the three year period expires before the approval period ends, verify the shelter expense at the next renewal.
A change of address is reported.
A change from A2 to A1 is reported.
Place the most current verification of the shelter expenses in the case file(g).
Give the participants ten calendar days to provide verification. (See Verification Time Frames)
NOTE When the verification has not been received, use the A2 Payment Standard.
Acceptable verification for A1 includes the following:
Rental receipt
Landlord's statement
Lease agreement
Mortgage records, receipts, or payment booklet
Tax assessment notice
Verification of Living Arrangements/Residential Address (FAA‑0065A) form
Collateral contact to any of the following:
Leasing agent
Mortgage company
Tax assessor's office