TPEP Sanction Income
Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP) benefits are withheld when a participant in the TPEP budgetary unit is noncompliant with TPEP PRA requirements.
When a TPEP benefit is withheld due to a noncompliant participant, AZTECS counts the gross amount of the TPEP benefit prior to the benefit withholding, to the NA budgetary unit. AZTECS codes the following:
The actual TPEP payment, as AF income to the budgetary unit, next to the PI.
The withheld benefit amount, as TS income to the budgetary unit, next to the noncompliant participant.
Complete the following when the budgetary unit is closed for TPEP noncompliance:
Count the gross amount of the TPEP payment the budgetary unit would have received
Count the income next to the noncompliant participant using the TS Income Code
Count the income through the end of the current NA renewal period
NOTE Continue to count the income until the noncompliant participant leaves the budgetary unit or until the NA renewal period ends, whichever occurs first.