Sources of Earned Income Verification
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
Sources of acceptable verification of earned income include, but are not limited to, any of the following:
Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS)
Paycheck stubs
Copy of check when the gross earnings are listed
Equifax/EMVI when the employer is participating
Corporate Cost Control (CCCVerify) when the employer is participating
Verify Advantage (formerly known as VerifyDirect) when the employer is participating
Written tips record
Use the amount of tips shown on the paycheck stub unless the participant claims a different amount and the tips received are verified.
C005 is completed by the Employer, the statement is signed, dated, and includes all of the following:
Name, address, and telephone number of the employer
Gross pay for the periods needed
Frequency of pay, and day of the week pay is received
Any expected changes in pay
Complete the Verification of New/Current Employment (FAA‑0053A) form. For terminated employment verification use the Verification of Terminated Employment (FAA‑1701A) form
NOTE Make a collateral contact to the employer when no response is received with the FAA-0053A. Document the case file(g) with the results of the collateral contact.
Use other means of verification when contacting the employer would jeopardize the participant's employment. Document the case file(g) with the reason the employer was not contacted.
Letter from the agency providing government-sponsored training
Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) from the military
Do not call for employment or wage information verification from the following employers:
Wendy's: Mail an FAA-0053A or the FAA-1701A when requesting employment verification from any of these specific Wendy's restaurants. (See Wendy's Employment and Wage Information)
Solutions Staffing: Mail an FAA-0053A or the FAA-1701A when requesting employment verification. (See Solution Staffing)
A collateral contact with the employer or qualified source
When all other sources of verification have been exhausted, use a participant statement