Shelter Insurance
(01/01/17 – 12/31/17)
The following shelter insurance expenses are allowable:
Fire insurance expenses billed separate from a mortgage for the shelter.
Mandatory fees billed by a rural fire department for fire protection.
NOTE Average fire protection mandatory fees over the number of months the bill is intended to cover, no matter how long the approval period is or when it started. (See Averaging Expenses)
Flood Insurance for the home itself.
Vehicle insurance (comprehensive and collision) when the participant is living in the vehicle. (See Mortgage)
Lenders Interest Coverage that is a required part of the insurance coverage on the property.
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) required by the lender for protection in case of foreclosure.
Homeowners Insurance for the home itself.
Rental Insurance for the structure itself.
Any portion of personal liability insurance that covers the structure
The following insurance payments are not allowable:
Disability Insurance
Death-Life Insurance
Rental Insurance (when insuring furniture or personal belongings)
Personal Liability Insurance that does not cover the structure
For procedures regarding verification of shelter insurance, see Shelter Insurance Verification.
Key the allowable insurance expenses on EXPC using the IN Expense Code.
When expenses that are not allowed are itemized with expenses that are allowed, key only the allowable expenses on EXPC. When the amounts are not itemized and cannot be separated, key the entire amount.