Shared Expenses
More than one budgetary unit may share the same housing unit and each has separate shelter expenses, or utility expenses. When this occurs, each budgetary unit is entitled to the actual shelter expense amount billed and a utility allowance. (Also see Shared Utilities)
When an NA budgetary unit shares expenses with persons outside the budgetary unit, only the amount actually paid by the budgetary unit is allowable as an expense.
When the amount paid by the budgetary unit cannot be determined, complete both of the following:
Divide the expenses evenly by the number of persons actually paying the expenses
Allow only the budgetary unit's share
When two budgetary units are living together and one budgetary unit is renting from the other budgetary unit who is buying the home, the following apply:
The budgetary unit that is paying rent receives a rental expense.
The rent paid to the budgetary unit buying the home is countable as unearned income.
The budgetary unit buying the home receives the full mortgage expense. (See Example Shared Expenses 1)
NOTE When a portion of the mortgage is paid as a vendor payment, subtract the amount of the vendor payment from the mortgage payment amount. Allow the remaining balance of the mortgage payment as an expense to the homeowner.
When two or more NA budgetary units equally share all expenses for rent, utilities, or telephone, key the number of budgetary units sharing the expenses in the # OF HH SHARING field. Key the total amount of the expenses. AZTECS evenly divides the expense by the number of budgetary units keyed and displays the amount. The following edit message displays:
When a budgetary unit does not equally share rent or expenses, do not use the # OF HH SHARING field. Calculate each participant's share and key their obligation on EXNS. (See Example Shared Expenses 2)
When a budgetary unit pays a flat rate for rent key the # of HH SHARING field and ALL expenses on EXNS with the appropriate Expense Code. Multiply the amount of the rent the participant pays by the number in the # of HH SHARING field and key the amount on EXNS. (See Example Shared Expenses 3)
When the budgetary unit claims actual utility expenses, calculate each budgetary unit's share of the expense and key that amount.