SEEW - Purpose
SEEW is provided to help in calculating the ADJUSTED GROSS countable self-employment income. SEEW displays when an SEEI Income Type Code is keyed. Leave the ADJ GROSS field blank and press ENTER to access SEEW.
SEEW displays the case name, case number, and person for whom the Income Type Code was keyed on SEEI. Six across and eight lines down are provided to key self-employment income and expense amounts.
Information keyed on SEEW is not saved; only the totals display on SEEI. Screen print SEEW and place the screen print in the case file(g).
Complete the following to determine monthly self-employment income:
Key all gross self-employment income, including capital gains
NOTE See Overhead for allowable and non-allowable costs of producing self-employment income.
Key the share percentage in the self-employment business when applicable in the SHARE % field
NOTE Verify the share percentage of legal ownership when the participant is not the sole owner of the self-employment enterprise.
Key the number of months for which the self-employment income and overhead cost is intended
NOTE AZTECS automatically divides the self-employment income by the number of months the income is to be averaged.
Press ENTER when all information has been keyed on SEEW. SEEI displays the calculated income in the ADJ GROSS field.