Resources - CA
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
Count the following resources when determining eligibility for CA:
Resources of all eligible participants included in the CA budgetary unit, even when the participant is not required to be in the case.
Resources of participants who are ineligible due to failure or refusal to comply with an eligibility requirement on their own behalf, or on behalf of another person.
Resources of mandatory CA participants disqualified for Intentional Program Violation (IPV).
Resources of parents of dependent children who are not included in the CA budgetary unit (BU) because they do not meet eligibility requirements (not as a result of failure or refusal to comply).
Resources of nonqualified noncitizen parents with CA children and siblings.
Resources of mandatory CA participants who are CA cash ineligible due to Unwed Minor Parent (UMP) policy.
Resources of a qualified noncitizen sponsor for the noncitizen until the noncitizen attains 40 quarters of coverage or becomes a citizen.
Resources with regard to a stepparent when both of the following apply to the stepparent:
The stepparent is not included in the CA BU.
The stepparent's spouse (the dependent child's parent) is in the home. (See Stepparent Resources)
$3,000 of resources are excluded from the Hopi Tribal TANF program resource determination.
Key up to $3,000 of resources using the OF Resource Type Code on the appropriate screen.
Resources of the following persons are not countable:
Stepparent sole and separate resources when the stepparent is not included in the CA benefit.
Non-parent relatives who choose not to be included in the CA benefit.
Legal guardians, unless they are a specified relative who is included in the CA BU.
SSI recipients sole and separate property and any property that has been counted as a resource when eligibility for SSI was established. (See SSI Recipient Resources)
Dependent children for whom deprivation does not exist.
Dependent children ineligible due to receipt of foster care payments.
Dependent children keyed with the BC Participation code on SEPA.