Public Law States up to $2000
Public Laws associated with the following American Indian claims or funds state that up to $2000 is not countable as a resource. Any excess amount over $2000 is countable as a resource. These funds must be kept separate from other countable resources:
Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (Public Law 92‑203, Section 21(a)) (Fox Indians, Sac Indians)
American Indian Claims Commission Judgments (Public Law 97‑458) (U.S. Court of Federal Claims Judgment Funds; Colorado River Indians)
Individual American Indian's Interests in Trust or Restricted Land (Public Law 103‑66)
Per Capita Payments (Public Law 98‑64) (Trust Fund Distribution)
Settlement for Land (Public Law 100‑580)
(See Native American Income, Claims, or Funds for more information about these funds.)
Key American Indian claims or funds on LIAS using the EI Liquid Assets Code.
Key any excess amount over $2000 in the VALUE field for these American Indian claims or funds. Key the excess amount on LIAS using the OT Liquid Assets Code.