Public Law States All Funds Not Countable
The following American Indian claims or funds are not countable as a resource, per federal regulations. These funds must be kept separate from other countable resources (see the UNIN links for a description of the fund):
American Indian Tribe (ANY) (UNIN) (Public Law 93‑134, Section 7)
Confederated Tribes (UNIN) (Public Law 95‑433) (Apache Mescalero Reservation, Yakima Indian Nation)
Grand River Band of Ottawa (UNIN) (Public Law 94‑540)
Relocation Assistance (UNIN) (Public Law 93‑531 dated December 22, 1974)
Submarginal Land (UNIN) (Public Law 94‑114, Section 5 and Section 6)
Tohono O'odham (UNIN) (Public Law 97‑408)
Key American Indian claims or funds on LIAS using the EI Liquid Assets Code.