New Source of Income Verification
(01/01/18 –12/31/18)
Consider income to be from a new source, when either of the following apply:
The participant is conducting work for the first time for the source
The participant is rehired by a terminated source
The following scenarios are not considered new sources of income:
The participant changes jobs but works for the same employer.
The participant is on a leave of absence and returns.
The participant is on maternity leave and returns.
Verify all the following, when the participant reports a new source of income:
Name, address, phone number of the source
Date the participant first received or expects receiving the income
Day of the week paid, and dates income is received and scheduled to be received
Pay period end dates
Gross amount of income received, and amounts expected to be received
Hourly wage
Hours worked and expected to be worked
Extra income, such as bonuses, tips, overtime
To budget a new source of income, See Budgeting Income ‑ Overview.
When a change of a new source of income is reported during the approval period, and the change causes a decrease, see Effecting Changes.