NA Medical Expenses
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
Medical expenses are allowable as a deduction for NA participants that are elderly or have a disability. The medical expense must belong to and be billed to the participant.
An NA household may be eligible for a Standard Medical Deduction (SMD) of $160 minus the $35 disregard for a net total of $125. When medical expenses exceed the SMD of $160, the household may use the actual monthly medical out-of-pocket expenses, minus the $35 disregard whichever is higher.
For a household to be eligible for the SMD, a monthly medical expense of more than $35 must be verified at the initial application or when new monthly medical expenses are reported.
AZTECS applies a one-time $35 disregard to all medical expenses in the household, regardless of the number of elderly participants or participants with a disability included in the case.
The medical expenses of elderly participants or participants with a disability may be deducted from income. (See Expenses of NA Participants)
Policy, procedures, and examples regarding medical expenses are outlined as follows: