NA Medical Expense Changes
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
Changes in medical expenses are not required to be reported until the next renewal. (See Changes)
When an NA household member that is elderly or has a disability does not report a change in medical expenses that occurred during an approval period, both of the following apply:
The NA household is not eligible for supplements
The NA household is not subject to overpayments
When changes are reported, the following apply:
When a Standard Medical Deduction (SMD) household reports changes during the certification period a participant statement can be used unless it is questionable or unclear. (See questionable or unclear)
When the household has actual medical expenses and reports changes during the certification period which exceeds the SMD, the medical expenses must be verified when the change is over $25.
Do not effect changes in medical expenses that are reported by a third party unless the change does not require contact with the participant and is considered verified upon receipt. (See verified upon receipt(g))