NA Dependent Care Transportation Standard
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
A transportation standard is allowed when a participant incurs an expense to transport their dependent:
To a dependent care provider.
From a dependent care provider.
To and from a dependent care provider.
When transportation expenses are incurred to take a dependent to or from the dependent care provider, a transportation standard is allowed.
The transportation standard is not allowed when the budgetary unit resides with the dependent care provider.
The NA Dependent Care Transportation Standard is 20% of all allowable dependent care expenses.
AZTECS automatically calculates the 20% NA Dependent Care Transportation amount for each participant when the CF code is keyed in the TY field on EXNS. The transportation standard is displayed as an increased dependent care deduction amount on FSAD.
NOTE The participant statement may be used as verification of transportation expenses unless it is questionable.
(See Keying Dependent Care Expenses for keying instructions.)