Joint Ownership - Additional NA Considerations
The following apply when determining availability of a jointly owned resource to an NA budgetary unit:
Consider jointly owned resources as available in full to each owner, unless it can be determined that the resource is not available.
When the participant verifies that they have access to only a portion of the resource, only the value of the available portion is countable.
Consider the resource unavailable to the participant when all of the following apply:
The resource cannot reasonably be subdivided.
The participant's access to the value of the resource depends on the agreement of a joint owner who refused to comply.
It would not be considered practical to subdivide a resource when the financial value of the participant's share would be significantly less because of the sale of only their subdivision.
When the resource can only be sold as one parcel and the other owners refuses to sell, consider the resource unavailable and do not count the value of the resource.
When the only owner refusing to sell is an NA participant, consider the portion of the current market value, minus the amount owed, as an available resource for the NA participant refusing to sell. (See Property CMV and Vehicle CMV)
When all the owners agree to sell, consider that portion owned by the NA participant as an available resource.