Income Verification
(01/01/20 – 12/31/20)
Determine eligibility according to the budgetary unit’s income. (See Earned Income Overview, Unearned Income Overview, and Verification process)
Income verification must be requested for NA when income is reported on a renewal application, change report, or data match and any of the following apply:
The source of the income has changed
The income is questionable(g) or unclear(g)
The reported income amount has changed by $51 or more
The previous verification in the case file is more than 59 days old
Budget the income already received by the budgetary unit during the budget month and any income reasonably certain to be received during the approval period. Do not budget income when it is not reasonably certain to continue.
When an application or a change is submitted, request verification of normal income received during a 30 day period leading up to the interview or change report date. Request, verify, and review income for a longer period when the requested 30-day period is not a true reflection of the income that is reasonably certain to be received during the approval period. (See Income Request Period(g))
Project income when it is reasonably certain that the participant is to receive a specified amount of income during any month of the approval period. (See Projecting Income)
To determine the income that is reasonably certain to be received by the participant, complete the following:
Review the income verification the participant provides and the amount reasonably certain to be received for the upcoming approval period.
When the participant does not provide an estimate of the income that is reasonably certain to be received on the application or change report, request additional information.
When the participant is unable to provide an estimate of ongoing income, contact the employer or the source of income.
When income received during the 30 days is not sufficient to determine projected income, consider income for a longer period of time. The additional income is used when it provides a more accurate indication of the income expected to be received.
NOTE Documentation must support determinations of eligibility and benefit level. Document in sufficient detail to ensure that any reviewer can assess whether the determination is reasonable and accurate. Include specific information regarding the reason the income is determined to be normal. (See Income Documentation Requirements)