Hemophilia Relief Fund Settlement Payments
Payments made to hemophiliacs infected with HIV, as a result of class action lawsuits are not countable as income in the month received. Payment sources include, but are not limited to, the following:
Susan Walker v Bayer Corporation.
Ricky Ray Hemophilia Relief Fund.
Any fund established by manufacturers of blood plasma.
A follow-up to a release of all claims in a case entered into in lieu of class settlement. The release must be signed on or before the later of 12/31/97 or 270 days after the release is first sent to the participant to whom payment is made.
Payments may be placed in an interest bearing account, or another investment that produces income. When this occurs, the interest income received on the account may be countable as income.
Key the OX Unearned Income Code the INC TYPE field on UNIC.
(See Hemophilia Relief Fund - LIAS for treatment as a resource)