FAA4.K Expenses and Payment Standard (EXNS EXPC) : 10 Expenses Exceed Income (EEI) - Overview : B Expenses Exceed Income (EEI) – During the Approval Period
Expenses Exceed Income (EEI) – During the Approval Period
(12/01/13 – 01/31/14)
For programs assigned to Simplified Reporting, verify Expenses Exceed Income (EEI) at the next renewal interview.
For programs assigned to Standard Reporting, set a free form ACTS alert for the first workday(g) of the third month after approval when all of the following occur:
The budgetary unit was determined eligible.
The budgetary unit’s expenses exceed their income.
At least one program is assigned Standard Reporting.
When the ACTS alert is received, send the following notices allowing the PI 10 calendar days to return the verification:
When all programs are assigned Standard Reporting send the C003.
When the case is assigned both Standard and Simplified Reporting send the appropriate Information Needed Notice (A011 or F011) notice for each program assigned to Standard Reporting.
Review the returned notice or verification for the following:
No change
Reported changes (See Effecting Changes)
When verification provided indicates that the budgetary unit's UNPAID expenses continue to exceed their income, no action is required.
When one of the following applies, stop the benefits assigned to Standard Reporting using the VI Denial or Closure Reason Code. Allow for NOAA:
Verification provided with the C003 indicates the budgetary unit's PAID expenses continue to exceed the reported income.
The participant fails or refuses to provide verification for how expenses are being met.