Expenses Exceed Income (EEI) – At Interview
(01/01/17 – 12/31/17)
When EEI is discovered at the interview, the participant must provide verification of how expenses are being met.
When receipts for paid expenses are provided, explore with participant how they are managing their finances. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
The budgetary unit received income or used resources to meet their expenses.
The budgetary unit received one or more of the following:
Document how the participant is meeting expenses on the documentation forms.
NOTE When the PI contacts the local office and indicates that they are unable to provide the verification, assist the PI in obtaining acceptable verification.
When otherwise eligible, approve benefits when the budgetary unit provides verification of how expenses are being met.
NOTE The circumstances of the EEI must be resolved at the interview even in cases where the participant has just lost their job. Their statement may be they are not sure how expenses will be made. As long as the statement makes sense and is not questionable, use the CS as verification.
After approval, for programs assigned to Simplified Reporting, verify Expenses Exceed Income (EEI) at the next renewal interview.
After approval, for programs assigned to Standard Reporting, set a free form ACTS alert for the first workday(g) of the third month after approval when all of the following occur:
The budgetary unit was determined eligible
The budgetary unit’s expenses exceed their income
At least one program is assigned Standard Reporting
When the participant does not provide verification of how expenses are being met, complete the following:
Deny benefits using the VI Denial or Closure Reason Code
Send the following notices on NORE allowing for NOAA for the applicable program:
For CA A200 notice
For NA F200 notice