EDWO - Purpose
(01/01/08 – 03/31/08)
EDWO is a calculation screen used to establish countable amounts of unearned educational income.
To access EDWO complete the following:
Key Y in the FIN AID field on UNIE
Key the Educational Income Type Code in the TYP field on UNIE (See Types of Educational Income)
EDWO provides fields in which educational income and expenses may be keyed.
EDWO calculates the countable amount of educational income after deducting allowable expenses. The net amount is divided over the period of time it is intended to cover.
Information keyed on EDWO is not saved. Only the totals display on UNIE. A screen print of EDWO must be placed in the case file(g).
Press ENTER to return to UNIE when all information is keyed on EDWO. The monthly countable amount is displayed for each program on UNIE.
NOTE When more than one type of educational income is received, an EDWO screen must be keyed and printed for each type.