Cash Assistance Payments
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
Cash Assistance (CA) or Tribal TANF benefits from Arizona are countable to the NA budgetary unit. (See Example CA Benefits 1, Example CA Benefits 2, and Example CA Benefits 3).
CA benefits received for a prior month are not countable. (See lump sum payments received for a prior month.
When the assistance payments are not received from Arizona, see Assistance Payments from Another State.
UNIN is updated by AZTECS for the NA program at the time of CA or Tribal TANF authorization. UNIN displays the AF Unearned Income Code and the calculated CA amount next to the PI. The AF EX Unearned Income Code displays when the CA benefits are received for a prior month.
The following Tribal TANF programs do not interface with AZTECS:
Navajo Nation Department for Self Reliance
San Carlos Apache Nnee Bich' o Nii TANF
White Mountain Apache TANF
Manually key the Tribal TANF payments received by these Tribal TANF programs on UNIN using the AF Unearned Income Code.
AZTECS counts the full CA benefit amount in the NA budget when CA payments are reduced or closed for any of the following:
Intentional or unintentional CA overpayments caused by the participant. This includes changes reported untimely, fraud and IPV (See Recoupment of CA Income)