CA Sanction Income
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
CA payments are sanctioned when a participant of the CA budgetary unit fails to comply with one of the following:
The Personal Responsibility Agreement (PRA) (FAA‑1523A) form.
The OnBase FAA-1523A Unity form when a voice signature option is available.
The Personal Responsibility Agreement (A026) notice.
AZTECS counts the gross amount of CA before the reduction when there is a noncompliant participant. AZTECS codes the following:
The actual CA payment amount, as AF income to the budgetary unit, next to the PI.
The reduction amount, as SA income to the budgetary unit, next to the noncompliant participant.
When the CA budgetary unit is closed due only to Progressive Sanction policy, AZTECS completes the following:
Counts the gross amount of CA the budgetary unit would have received.
Codes the income SA next to the noncompliant participant.
Counts the income through the end of the current NA approval period.
NOTE Remove the SA income when the budgetary unit is closed for any reason other than progressive sanction policy.
When a progressive sanction is in effect and a new NA approval period begins, remove the SA income. (See Example Sanction Income)
The progressive sanction no longer affects the NA budgetary unit when the noncompliant participant moves out. NA benefits may be increased for the month after the month of the report that the noncompliant participant has moved. (See Removing a Participant)
The SA income follows the noncompliant participant when that participant leaves the home.
When the noncompliant participant enters an NA budgetary unit, the participant's SA income is counted for each month through the end of the NA approval period.
The Navajo Nation Program for Self Reliance (NNPSR) does not interface with AZTECS. When NNPSR CA benefits are sanctioned, the full amount of CA benefits prior to the sanction are countable. When not already keyed on UNIN, key the NNPSR CA benefit amount on UNIN using the NT Unearned Income Code.
When an NNPSR case closes due only to a sanction, the full amount of NNPSR CA benefits remain countable through the end of the current NA approval period.