Averaging Medical Expenses for NA
Allow the average monthly medical expenses billed before the approval period when the expenses are anticipated to continue. Determine when to allow medical expenses as follows:
Average fluctuating medical expenses only when all of the following apply to the expense:
Regularly occurring
Reasonably anticipated
Budgetary units reporting one-time only medical expenses may be given the option of either of the following:
A one-time medical deduction for the month after the month the expense is incurred or billed.
Average the expense over the month the change became effective through the end of the approval period.
A one-time only medical expense may be averaged over more than one approval period when a past due amount is being carried over from previous months.
Prior medical expenses cannot automatically be averaged and allowed. Determine whether the expense is likely to continue as follows:
Monthly payments have been established.
A past due amount has been carried forward from a previous month.
Recurring medical expenses that were initially verified may be averaged instead of submitting actual receipts on a monthly basis.
When an expense is billed less than on a monthly basis, convert the expense to a monthly amount.