FAA4.H Unearned Income (UNIN UNIC) : 03 Types of Unearned Income - Overview : W American Indian Claims or Funds Overview
American Indian Claims or Funds Overview
(01/01/19 – 12/31/19)
The following income from Indian Claims is specifically excluded by federal statute from consideration as income for determining eligibility:
Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (Public Law 92‑203, Section 21(a))
Apache Mescalero Reservation (Public Law 95‑433)
Colorado River (Public Law 97‑458)
Confederated Tribes (Public Law 95‑433)
Fox Indians (Public Law 92‑203)
Grand River Band of Ottawa (Public Law 94‑540)
Hopi Indians - Relocation Assistance (Public Law 93‑531)
American Indian Claims Commission Judgments (Public Law 97‑458 and Public Law 93-134, Section 7)
Little Colorado River Levee Project (Public Law 91‑646)
Relocation Assistance (Public Law 93‑531 dated December 22, 1974)
Sac Indians (Public Law 92‑203)
Settlement for Land (Public Law 100‑580)
Tohono O'odham (Public Law 97‑408)
Trust Fund Distribution (Public Law 98‑64)
Yakima Indian Nation (Public Law 95‑433)
When income is received from Tribal funds, and is not excluded by federal statute, see Indian Tribe Funds.