A Medical Expense Changes
Changes in medical expenses that had been anticipated for the NA approval period are not required to be reported or verified until the next renewal. (See Changes)
The following apply:
Unanticipated changes in expense amounts must be reported and verified as they occur.
Changes discovered at the renewal, but not reported during the approval period, must be verified.
Key expense changes on EXNS when the expense has been verified.
When an elderly or disabled participant does not report a change in medical expenses during an approval period, both of the following apply:
The budgetary unit is not eligible for supplements
The budgetary unit is not subject to overpayments
Changes in existing medical expenses that are reported during an NA approval period must be verified before an action to increase benefits can be taken.
When the change results in a decrease, the change must be verified. (See Verifying Decrease (simp) and Verifying Decrease (standard))