.01 Child Support Expense Verification
(04/01/15 - 05/31/15)
Verify the legal obligation to pay child support and the current paid amount before allowing the expense.
Acceptable verification of the legal obligation to pay and amount of child support required to be paid includes the following:
Court records
Pay records or histories from the Clerk of the Court in Arizona or another state
Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) documents showing the amount of support required to be paid
SSA award letter when the child support is taken out of the SSA benefits
Acceptable verification of the court amount paid includes the following:
Cancelled checks
Copies of money orders made out to the custodial parent
Receipts and pay histories from any state’s child support centralized payment processing center
Paycheck stub with garnishment amount
DCSS documents showing the current amount being paid
Written statement from a person not in the budgetary unit to whom payments are made (See Written Verification)
See Expense Verification for additional information.