B A2 CA Need Standard
The A2 Need Standard is 63% of the 1992 Federal Poverty Level (FPL) for all CA programs.
(See the A2 Standard Table - CA for the income maximum, need, and payment standards)
The A2 Need Standard applies to any of the following:
The participant has NO obligation to pay a shelter cost.
The shelter costs are paid on an ongoing basis by a third party for three or more months in a row.
NOTE The payment must be made directly to the landlord, mortgage company, owner, or other lien holder. (See Vendor Payments)
When the participant has no obligation to pay shelter costs, or fails to verify the cost, key A2 in the STD LVL field on EXNS. (Key D2 for Grant Diversion.)
The shelter cost obligation is not required for Kinship Care (KS), Kinship Foster Care (KF), and Legal Permanent Guardian (LPG). ALWAYS identify the need standard as A1.