A A1 CA Need Standard
(10/01/08 – 12/31/08)
The A1 need standard is 100% of the 1992 Federal Poverty Level (FPL) for all CA programs. When the participant has an obligation to pay an ALLOWABLE shelter cost, the A1 need standard applies.
(See the A1 Standard Table - CA for the income maximum, need, and payment standard)
Allow the A1 need standard when any of the following apply:
The participant is obligated to pay a shelter cost, including any of the following:
Homeowner association fees
Mobile home space or taxes
Property taxes (home or land)
Rent (home or land)
The participant is the leaseholder(g) of a housing unit subsidized by a local, state, tribal, or the federal government. Federal government subsidy includes negative rent, credits, or cash allowances.
The participant works in exchange for rent.
The participant has shelter costs paid from an outside source for fewer than three months.
A participant in the military receives Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).
NOTE Military allowances are shown on the Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) as additions and deductions.
The participant who has the shelter cost obligation is in foreclosure action and the mortgage company will accept back payments.
ALL Kinship Care, Kinship Foster Care, and Legal Permanent Guardian cases. (No shelter cost obligation is required.)
NOTE For verification of the obligation to pay a shelter expense, follow the verification process. A participant statement is acceptable as verification for the obligation to pay a shelter expense when used as a last resort.
When an ALLOWABLE shelter cost is verified, key EXNS as follows:
Key A1 in the STD LVL field on EXNS. (Key D1 for Grant Diversion)
Key the Expense Code and the amount next to the participant that has the shelter obligation.
NOTE When the CA participant pays rent to an NA participant in the same NA case, see Housing Allowance.